Our Services

ECCL is the market leading company in the region that specializes on the management of Industrial and hazardous wastes. Our services are customized to our respective clientele to ensure seamless and cost effective service delivery:

1. High Temperature Incineration

ECCL owns and operates the largest thermal treatment plant in Kenya at its centralized Integrated Waste Management Facility at Stony Athi, Nairobi. The IWMF has the capacity to treat and dispose approximately 50 tons a day.

2. Contaminated Sites Clean up and Restoration

Soil contamination can be caused by the spill of chemicals and or hydrocarbons. ECCL has invested in licensed technologies that provide solutions towards management of these sites through either in-situ or ex-situ remediation.

3. Safeguarding, Packaging and Transportation of Hazardous Wastes

ECCL has professionally trained personnel who characterize, segregate, safeguard and package different streams of hazardous wastes appropriately for road transportation to its centralized IWMF at Stony Athi.
ECCL owns and operates the largest fleet in the country of specialized hazardous waste transportation trucks which are licensed to transport waste from any part of the country to its centralized IWMF.

4. Contaminated Water Transportation and Treatment

ECCL has a heat recovery system from its high temperature incinerators which is channelled to specialized evaporation lagoons to thermally evaporate the water content from this class of hazardous waste.

5. Emergency Spill Response

We have satellite stations located along the major highways equipped with the necessary equipment and personnel to facilitate quick response and rescue to emergency spillages of hydrocarbons or chemicals in transit.

6. Environmental analytical services

ECCL has established a NEMA approved Environmental laboratory at its Stony Athi Facility. The lab is equipped with state of the art analytical equipment with the capability to test the following:-

  • Heavy Metals Content
  • Total Hydrocarbons
  • Chemical fingerprint identification.
  • Emission gasses
  • Point source particulate matter

7. Oil and Gas Services

ECCL has proprietary and state-of-the art technologies coupled with competent personnel to meet the huge demands of the rapidly growing oil and gas sector in Kenya. The services we provide include:-

  • Tank Clean up Services
  • Cellar Pit Clean ups
  • Well sites clean up and restorations
  • Management of Drilling Mud Cuttings
  • Management of Drilling Chemicals

8. Asbestos Management

ECCL has the capacity to remove, handle, safeguard, transport and dispose Asbestos products as per NEMA Asbestos Management Protocol and guidelines.

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